The Author

I’m Liz Busby and I’m a mother.

Before I was a mother, I majored in English with a minor in chemistry at Brigham Young University.  My other interests include cooking, knitting, reading (particularly fantasy and creative non-fiction), writing (creative non-fiction), gardening, organizing, theology, video games, cosplay, and math (oh Calculus, how I miss you). My interests do not including crafting or decorating.  I call myself a Renaissance woman because I have interest in so many areas and expertise in none.  In my humble opinion, this is an ideal situation for parenting because I have just enough knowledge to make a very big mess.

Someday when I don’t have little ones at home (or when I feel more confident in my balancing skills), I’d like to do an MFA in religious creative non-fiction and write a great masterpiece on what it’s like to be a Mormon geek mom, which no one would read but which I would enjoy immensely.

I live near Seattle, Washington, with my mischievous, computer programmer husband and these little darlings.


Georgie is 5 years old. Georgie has always been a focused kid, never interested in toys, only the next achievement to accomplish. As a baby, he didn’t notice people much but preferred to practice walking around the room holding onto furniture for an hour. At age 2, he suddenly exploded into being able to read. Right now, his interests are (in order of preference) video games, board games, negative numbers, and reading.


Noah is the happiest 3 year old I know.  He’s grinning like a kid with an ice cream cone every minute of every day–that is, every minute that he’s not throwing a tantrum.  After Georgie’s serious babyhood, it’s been a delight to have a kid who is constantly smiling and who wants to be near you.  Noah is in love with his big brother and follows him around constantly, much to Georgie’s chagrin. Noah is going through a hoarding phase, which involves piling every item in the house in whatever doorway is most inconvenient.


Ender is our cute little six month old. He’s just learned to maneuver around the living room by rolling and spinning in circles, not unlike a giant game of croquet with an intelligent ball.

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