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Saturday Links – Family Heritage and Alphabet Rocks

Theory Links

Going Against a Toddler’s Will – Can I just say that I am so happy that someone linked me up with this blog?  Her writing in consistently on par.  Excellent points about necessities vs. like-to’s and being willing to make your kid cry if necessary.  More about that later this week when I review the book on which her philosophy is based, Dear Parent.

10 Ideas for Creating a Sense of Family Heritage – I have totally been thinking about doing #7 for a while.  (And I thought I was so unique for thinking of it.)  Guess this is another hint that I should get cracking writing these books.  Plus they’ll make great Christmas gifts for cousins.

Activity Links

Spaghetti and Play-doh = A Very Fun Match – When I first saw the title, I thought about cooked spaghetti.  Totally wouldn’t work.

Activities for Melissa and Doug Lacing Beads

Alphabet Rocks – Hello!  Totally cute, nature-y, and educational?  100% there.

Footprint Painting

Icy Play on a Very Hot Day

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Saturday Links – The HALT Method & Weapon Play

Theory Links

Applying the HALT Method: A Checklist for Proactive Parenting – Gives a great concrete form to a strategy I always employ.  Remember to lower your standards for good behavior when any of these four apply, and things go so much more smoothly.

Weapon Play and Young Children – A great topic, one I mean to address in the future.  I’m on the side that says it’s important to let boys play fight and teach them responsibilty over it.

Activity Links

Squeezable Homemade Finger Paint – Always a good recipe to know, and much cheaper than from the store.

Homemade Water Table – I add this not so much for the table, but for the unique water play ideas.  Monkey does love him some water, and as soon as July comes, it’ll finally be hot enough to get wet all the time.

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