Unified Parenting Theory is a compilation of my experiences as a stay-at-home mom.  This includes posts on parenting, gardening, writing, gifted education, cooking, theology, and everything in between. I tried doing this blog as a straight up mommy blog, but it just doesn’t work for me–too limiting. So I will be writing what I’m writing; some of may be relevant to you, some may not. If that means alienating my parenting audience with Mormon philosophy, or my Mormon audience with random gardening tips, then so be it.

Re-occurring Features

Library Hits: Reviews of excellent books we’re reading.
Parenting Book Reviews: Helpful books I’m reading.
Spreadsheet Wednesday: Sharing some of my many home-management spreadsheets. (I’m an Excel addict.)
Mormon Parenting Hacks: Tricks for raising children in the LDS Church.
Niblish: My random romps through Mormon theology and history.
Tall Poppies: Challenges, strategies, and experiences in raising my gifted son. (Series name taken from the classic article on gifted education, “Small Poppies.” Read it.)
Saturday Five: My five favorite links from around the web this week.

On the Name

I chose the name “Unified Parenting Theory” purely because I’m a geek and find the idea of combining science and parenting giggle-worthy.  Secondarily, I think it conveys my attitude of trying to take the best from the many theories out there and trying not to be too dogmatic about any one theory.

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