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Theory Thursday: Baby Wise, My Way

If you’ve read my philosophy of parenting, you know that I believe sleep is one of the most important things that a parent and a child need.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone: sleep is the Holy Grail of parenting debates.  So much ink has been spilled and so many electrons displaced in the discussion of how to obtain it that I scarcely feel like I could add anything to it.

Why, then, are you reading this post?  Well, my children have always been amazing sleepers.  I attribute much of this to the Baby Wise method of feeding/sleeping coordination.  But I hesitate to recommend the book to other people, just as my cousin hesitated to recommend it to me in spite of the fact that it worked astoundingly well for her. Continue reading


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Spreadsheet Wednesday: Summer Menu

So, I have a confession.  I am completely addicted to spreadsheets.

The documents folder of my computer is overflowing with charts and checklists for everything from packing for a vacation to planting a garden to feeding a toddler.  It’s really kind of ridiculous, since some of these things take longer to make a chart for than to actually do, but nonetheless, I keep creating them.

But a lot of them are really quite useful, like this one that I’m sharing with you today.  Presenting my summer menu: Continue reading


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Library Hits – 6/27/2011

I don’t know about other parents out there, but I am particular about the picture books I like to read.  I don’t like mushy sentimental books with no substance, but I also don’t like plodding through a plot that’s been used a bunch of times.  I like picture books that are innovative, funny, ironic, and aesthetically pleasing to adult eyes as well as children.

And I don’t like having to read the same books over and over, which is why we are regular patrons of our local library system.  But how to wade through the unwashed masses of children’s picture books is a mystery to me.  I heard from my more writer-ly friends that it is exceedingly difficult to publish a picture book, but I have a hard time believing it because it seems like some pretty lame stuff gets out there.  Sometimes a book looks great but turns out lame when we actually read it.  (Can’t read it before checking out because I’m trying to wrangle children.)  Or I’ve been looking at some book on display for weeks thinking how dumb it looks, and when we finally check it out, it’s a hit.  (Turns out librarians have pretty good taste.)

Anyway, my current picture book obtaining routine includes a lot of different things to get us out of our comfort zone and finding new books which might be hidden gold.  First, we pick some easy readers for Monkey to practice his reading on.  Possibly we visit the folk tale section to pick up some classics.  Some non-fiction on whatever concept Monkey is interested in this week.  And a few board books for good measure.  Then to the general picture book section, which I will from now on refer to as the stacks.  Lately, I’ve been picking some sort of book topic and go through a random section of shelves looking for books about bunnies.  Or trains.  Or the alphabet.  (Usually the alphabet.)  I pick up 3-5, so that we have a good chance of finding something not annoying.  And then Monkey usually grabs a few books on his way out.

All this is to say that we read a lot of very random picture books.  My goal with “Library Hits” is to review them for anyone searching for good picture books, and also to remind me of what we’ve read in case I want to find it for other toddlers in my future. :D  Here are my thoughts on the books headed back to the library this week. Continue reading

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